ENJOY an array of unique curated experiences that WILL IMPRESS AND inspire.

Explore our incredible natural surroundings, dive into the range of curated activities on offer and indulge in absolute uninterrupted comfort with a rejuvenating stay at Dark Sky Eco Resort. Partake in unique local activities that you won’t readily find elsewhere. We have built and fenced off dedicated roads so guests can freely, and at their leisure, drive around the farm to explore bush walks, the creek or just enjoy the wildlife. 
All bookings include a private observatory stargazing and Emu safari experience.

Stargazing from our private observatory at THE DARK SKY HILL


Coonabarabran is world renowned for some of the most incredible stargazing in the Southern Hemisphere. At your stay you’ll view the skies from our private observatory perched high on The Dark Sky Hill property we own featuring an 11-inch telescope and 180 Degree view of the sky’s. We look directly at The Siding Spring Observatory. Although lower in altitude at 675 metres we have almost the same sky viewing vantage with crisp cool nights and low humidity being above the valleys and dew line.

Our observatory display has a scale model of the solar system on the property with our observatory scaled to being the diameter of the sun and all the planets located in the scaled distance and sizes displayed around the perimeter of the Dark Sky Hill property.

Our sculpture of the Sun, Earth and Moon is used to explain the tides on Earth and the phases of the Moon.

Guests enjoy day time astronomy where we can look at the Sun through a special filter finding sun spots and when possible spot a planet and star or two during the day.

We also explore the night sky via an outdoor virtual solar system display and engage in some insightful discussion about celestial delights visible from our telescope.

If you are interested in exploring anything specific, simply let us know and we can advise the most optimal time of the year to catch these.

Obviously all astronomy is weather dependent with rain and cloud cover. As we can’t control any of that we are unable to offer discounts or refunds.

JurasSic style Emu safari


We have created a safari-style tour where you can drive along our emu farm in your very own golf buggy. 

You will have the chance for an intimate first hand unique encounter with our resident emus like no other. You can pat, cuddle, feed them or just watch them grazing in the paddocks. In Winter you can join us when we collect the eggs. Regardless of the time of year you choose to visit, you’ll have an incredible up close experience with these majestic creatures.

Guided bush walk to an Aboriginal shelter


For those intrigued by the rich historical and geological wonders of the surrounding areas, you’ll cherish exploration adventures on offer at the resort. The shelter is heritage listed and features historical and protected rock carvings which tell a story of the past. The guided tour is a beautiful experience which we are proud to share with you during your stay.

The tour takes 1 to 2 hours and involves a bush walk with some steep terrain. We explain the geology, the flora and fauna of the area and the discovery and history of the shelter along with various other caves on the property.